In Memory

By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Kevin Adams (Class Of 1978)  
Kim Adams (Sielicki) (Class Of 1979)  
Melissa Baker (Miller) (Class Of 1978)  
Barbara Barrett (Class Of 1978)
Jeff Bean (Class Of 1977)  
Cindy Blazonis (Class Of 1977)  
Brian Cegelis (Class Of 1977)
Darlene Christ (Class Of 1978)  
Sheila Dobson (LaValley) (Class Of 1978)  
James Doonan (Class Of 1978)
Kenneth Dow (Class Of 1978)  
Tammy Dow (Class Of 1979)
Jeffrey Eaton (Class Of 1978)  
Stephanie Femino (Jenkins) (Class Of 1978)  
David Foley (Class Of 1978)  
Douglas Foley (Class Of 1979)  
Mark Foley (Class Of 1979)
Donna Gilman (Morris) (Class Of 1977)
Thomas Hunter (Class Of 1978)  
Mark Knowles (Class Of 1977)  
Mike Langmaid (Class Of 1977)  
Scott Leavitt (Class Of 1978)  
Mike Luniewicz (Class Of 1979)
Paul Morganstern (Class Of 1979)
Brenda Morrissey (Class Of 1977)  
Allan Reith (Class Of 1977)  
Patrick Smart (Class Of 1978)  
Peter Smas (Class Of 1978)  
Andrew Stellmach (Class Of 1978)  
Kevin Tarrant (Class Of 1978)  
David Twomey (Class Of 1978)  
Stephen Weiss (Class Of 1978)  
Herbert Wing (Class Of 1979)
Cynthia Wood (Class Of 1979)

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